Friday, May 16, 2008


Taiwan is the 3rd counties that I visited and met with my crazytoyz's friends. Like I said to Vince, even though we just met on the internet, our conversation is just non-stop when we met face to face. I knew him more than few years now, with this visit our friendship is became more realistic.

We both think the toys scene is getting bore for old collectors like us. Yes, there are many toys release each month, we haven't felt the surprise and shocking new toys for a long time. The old days when we are shock of a new design and try to get it and learn the story behind each piece. When the piece arrived, hold the figure on hand play it, look at it from all the angle that I can find, that's the joy......!!

Enough of different versions, color variants......and toys site indicate how good how fantastic certain toys are when they don't even saw the piece in person or play with it nor hold on to it to feel the piece.

Some of the best & classics figures is come from a designer when they are at their "hungry" stage. Hunger to bring out their best creations by not just looking at how much they will earn. The best & classic pieces that we have not well planned nor the designers think that the piece is going to become a classic. Take Gardener & Kaws Companion99 as an example. I'm looking forward to see some new "hungry" designers come out with their best works to shock & surprise us.......we collectors.

This is just my 2 cents from a collector point of view.