Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blood Diamond Da Warrior....0709 thunder..!!

Just received this Blood Diamond Da Warrior [0709 thunder version...check out the figure shoulder you'll know why..] today. matter how many version this figure going to have, this is the version that I like..!! Overall the figure look cool..with the black and red combo with some blood drip on the figure. The glossy football gear on the figure is a nice touch. 30 pcs swarovski just sick, especially the one for the eye. The ball joint quality has been improve a lot..!! No doubt...Tim have no problem to design a cool Dape.

According to Tim....this time Da Warrior will not have that many versions like the previous release DaMinci....and Bling. Hope that's true. Because too many version will just kill it.

Tim is closing himself in the studio now after the Paris exhibition, he is designing a new figure. I'm hoping to see something new....not another Dape..!!

Thanks..Doze and Tim for the customize.