Thursday, May 29, 2008

Beyond - Wong Ka Kui 12" figure.

Beyond is a Hong Kong local rock band formed back in 1983, they first started as a underground band, but later on they work their way up to the main stream. Their level in Hong Kong is similar to Nirvana in the U.S. back then.

In June 1993 "Wong Ka Kui" sustained massive head injuries after falling from a broken stage on a Fuji Television game show in Japan. Wong Ka Kui fell into a coma and died one week later. He was 31 years old. His funeral procession caused traffic in various major city streets of Hong Kong to grind to a standstill, and almost every famous Hong Kong Cantopop singer was in attendance.

Wong Ka Kui...changed the Hong Kong music industry, he is passionate about writing his own music and he always insist not to taken another composer music by just re-write the lyrics. At that time..many singers in Hong Kong just buy music from Japan and other countries..then just rewrite a Chinese lyrics to it.
I grew up listening to Beyond music, since my older brother love them to death...that's why slowly by slowly I start to like their music.

To remember "ka Kui" left us 15 years ago, "Ka Kui" younger brother "Ka Keung" and Hot Toys created a 12" figure base on his brother "Ka Kui". Yesterday he held a press conference in HK about this figure. There will be 3 styles of this figures, the green jacket version will be produce 40 pcs only and is only for charity auction at Yahoo HK start on May 30.

I guess the other 2 versions will be available for public. I'm please to see the release of this figure in HK, finally...other than Bruce Lee...Jet Li....!! Here is another HK icon is being produce into figures. Is amazing to see a figure is not just a toy anymore, but became a lot of our memory and to cherish.

My brother and I are looking forward to get this piece of memory home.