Thursday, April 03, 2008

Captain butter's friends TOY LIFE.

I bought this book (Captain butter's friends Toy Life) back in 2006 and haven't finish reading it. The creator of this book is from Taiwan and his name is Captain Butter. The content of this book is all about the friends of Captain Butter, on what they like to collect and also to show their home floor plan on how they display their collection.

As a collector myself....I really enjoy this book. The 2nd and 3th images that I show here is Kenny from Kennyswork. He collect dinosaur toys for over 8 years and in total he has over 500pcs of toys including his dinosaur toys. The 4th image is Captain Butter's collection.

PS: The book is in Chinese.

**Thanks for introduce me in your blog to the people in Taiwan and put me under your 17 must read toyz blog site.**