Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Michael Lau : S.F.J.J.

The sci-ficrazychildren series CC21-31. released back in 2004. This year we can expect a new character that is belong to this series. He is CC32.....and called "S.F.J.J.". What's J.J. stand for??

**I'm still wondering what is J.J. stand for. Cuz, the update that I got this is not an official collaboration
with James Jarvis. I guess is similar to the XLAUGH figure with the Kaws style face.....that is not an official Kaws collaboration product, same as the Future & Womax figures. They are more like a tribute. This might be a tribute to James Jarvis.**

But with that little icon at the bottom of the image, the shape is kinda look like James Jarvis style for the figure head.

More update coming up about this figure.

**Mind if I ask.....where is CC18..??