Friday, March 07, 2008

break in.....!!

This morning around 4:30 AM got a phone call from the security company, that one of the front door sensor is detected some movement and is ringing. So....I drove back to the office at 4:30 AM.

Upon my arrival.....Police is still not there yet. But I do notice....the lights turned on in our office (we usually turn the lights off when we leave the office). I have a feeling that...something is not right. And the front door glass in obviously that is totally broke off into thousand pieces. I wouldn't take any chances of getting off the car and go in.

I parked a little further just to see if anyone will come out from our office. This is the photos that I took when the police arrive. They first told me to wait in the car......and they slowly move into our office to make sure nobody is inside.

Ok...that thief is gone. And he is after our computer equipments in the office. My assistant's computer is gone, "P" mac book is gone, some monitor is gone. He didn't touch any of my stuff. He must be rushing in and then rushing out...!!! first concern was my 1:1 Coarse that I left in my office and my computer.