Monday, March 31, 2008

0330 Happy belated birthday....ML.!

Happy belated birthday ML.....!!

Tim Tsui - Da Warrior.

Saw this color proto of the upcoming new figure "Da Warrior" by Tim Tsui. The color combination is same as Da Minci. The version should be the same...Hong Kong version, Japan version, Secret version. There will be a football helmet as accessories and might be more. Each figure has about 30 crystal over the figure or accessories.

That Artoyz Blood diamond edition
look sick. I'll wait to see more version of this figure after release......!! Cuz, I know there will be a lot of version of this little guy.

Back from Vegas.

It was a hectic two weeks at my office, just returned from Las Vegas last night for a short business trip. Yes...I'm at Vegas but stayed at Paris.

Upon arrive at home I already notice there are few packages for me. Thanks "O"....SUKI....and of course Mark. Gotta catch up a bit on what happen in the toyz world.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Michael Lau : S.F.J.J.

The sci-ficrazychildren series CC21-31. released back in 2004. This year we can expect a new character that is belong to this series. He is CC32.....and called "S.F.J.J.". What's J.J. stand for??

**I'm still wondering what is J.J. stand for. Cuz, the update that I got this is not an official collaboration
with James Jarvis. I guess is similar to the XLAUGH figure with the Kaws style face.....that is not an official Kaws collaboration product, same as the Future & Womax figures. They are more like a tribute. This might be a tribute to James Jarvis.**

But with that little icon at the bottom of the image, the shape is kinda look like James Jarvis style for the figure head.

More update coming up about this figure.

**Mind if I ask.....where is CC18..??

Tough X Apexplorers : ICE in Black Adam.

Just got this news & images from Winson. Along with the ICE in Black Adam figure, an Ice In Black Exhibition will be opening on March 28th to April 18th. Exhibition will be held at Bauhaus Flagship Shop in Hong Kong Causeway Bay. Bauhaus will also launch a fashion line under this ICE in Black, I'm sure you can expect to see the fashion on the figure in 1:1 scale.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Coarsetoys 1:3 - Butchers Block Berlin Edition.

This 1:3 Chopper version is only available at Berlin Vans store and is limited to 200 pcs. But now...Coarsetoys is going to have 60 pcs available for worldwide. Better subscribe to their newsletter and won't miss the release date of this Chopper.

Gotta steal one from Mark...!!

Tough X Apexplorers : ICE in Black Adam.

News from Winson, a new crossover project with Bauhaus Tough Jean to create this "ICE in Black Adam". This figure come in two version normal version and the special version (limited to 400 pcs). Special version will only limited to 400 pcs and with a black jacket with white tee. Normal version come with orange jacket with black tee. Both figure come with detail accessories and the gas mask look really cool. It will be available at the end of April.

Normal version at $1380 HKD ($180 USD) & Special version at $1880 HKD ($240 USD). By the way, the first 50 that order both versions from winsoncreation will get a VIP special gift + Post card set.

More images in the crazytoyz:forum, Brotherslife section.

Now both Kenny...and Winson is going to release figures at the same time.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Eric So-preparation for 2008 exhibition-Part.3

Some update shots from Eric So his preparation for his exhibition (blogged). He is slowly getting there and we can look forward to his works. Here is group shots of Hong Kong famous singers, actors. Another one is John Lennon and Director Zhang Yimou. He took his sculpting skill to another level.

Kennyswork : Copperhead-18 "Dr.Cube".

More images from Kennyswork up coming release Copperhead-18 series "Dr.Cube". There should be a white limited version as usual. Release day will be end of April.

Normal version at $1150 HKD ($148 USD), Special version at $1780HKD ($228 USD).

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

project after dark : Hong Kong UFO documentary.

Finally after almost 2 years.....this Hong Kong UFO documentary DVD by Prodip is out now. You can either just get the DVD or the Off World Boxset that come with an Off World Creature figure in Baby Blue by Michael Lau.

The Boxset available at double-park in Hong Kong. No idea about the price and also will it be available overseas yet.

Off World Boxset $290 HKD, compare to the Off World Creature available at CSBOOTH $450 HKD, this boxset is good deal. Just the DVD without the figure is $79 HKD each.

Joe Ledbetter - Bummer.

Ordered this Bummer by JLed last month, of course I'm not the lucky one that got the gold Bummer. The tin can and the net to me is a nice touch, and can be able to display the figure with net on top of the tin can. Jled signed on the can.

The figure itself is fully metal and it is heavy, the size is about right......the design for this Bummer look good in this size. Bottom it has the number of this figure, mine is #94/100.

I'm looking forward to the Smash now.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Yes, I got the ATS membership last time from MINDstyle when I purchased the FUTURE + WOMAX. The FUTURE that come with 2 heads. Just got this Pre-order notice from MINDstyle about the upcoming Black on Black DJ PANDA and Off World Creature (limited 200pcs). A 10% off for all ATS member. But their price tags is not cheap. $99.99 for the DJ PANDA, $89.99 for the Off World Creature. Anyhow, I'll go for the black. MINDstyle is going to accept order of both figures and can ship immediately. tenacioustoys is also accepting order but is pre-order, they'll have the stock around May.


More variant of the DJ Panda and Off World Creatures is coming your way. If I'm getting only choice will be the black on black version..!!!

This time the Maha version is available at,Maha should carrying some later on. The black on black is starting for pre-order at will have the stock by May.

Now more toys site is carrying Michael's work, not like before....very hard to get.