Monday, February 04, 2008


Bringing together some of the biggest (well, bigger) names in Hong Kong hip-hop, 24Herbs is keeping it raw with their first studio album. Formed by LMF's Phat and Kit, Ghost Style, DJ Dor Yuk (producer Eddie Chung), MC Sir Eats-a-Lot (Brian Siswojo, founder of street label Know1edge), and MC Drunk (actor Conroy Chan), 24Herbs mixes languages, beats, and rhymes for some hard hip-hop sounds. The group's rap numbers and topics of choice are a welcome blast back to LMF-era Canto-rap - angry and profane, but also fun and catchy.

Owing to the hip-hop crew's multilingual composition and diverse callings, 24Herbs serves up raps in both English and Chinese, and shows metal, rock, and electronica influences in their arrangements. Featuring hard-hitting numbers like group anthem
24Herbs and the celebrity culture-bashing Superstar, 24Herbs' self-titled album is a rare offering from Hong Kong's underground hip-hop scene. The second disc comes with six remix tracks.

Eric Haze design the 24Herbs logo, and Prodip design the CD cover. Get your copy

**Gardener Brian design is base on Brain (MC Sir