Monday, February 25, 2008

Coarsetoys : 9" Pain edition.

Bought back this 9" Pain edition (limited to 200 sets) each figure come with a numbered cert. Accessories included a surf board for Fluid, a skateboard for Flake. Basically you can form 3 different figures for this set.

I do enjoy Mark clean sculpt and well use of shape and form. The 25" Flake pain figure was a big surprise for me. I'll stay tune for any up coming Mark's new work.

Air Jordan XXIII.

I'm not a sneakerz freak, but I do have several pairs of sneakerz in my collection. I play a lot of basketball back in the day. A pair of Jordan is a dream....move like Jordan is also a dream.

Last Saturday Feb 23 released Jordan XXIII. Not sure if this Jordan 23 is going to be the last. it and love it..!! Such a big different compare to the Jordan I.

"P" got me the Jordan XXIII limited basketball, limited to 2323 pcs world wide. The ball is all hand stitch it and laser-etched many of the miles stone of Jordan.

foreground VS. background...!!

To me this picture....the background is the foreground..!! That black 4ft...Companion. I'm waiting for the 4ft. dissected companion.

Coarsetoys - Feadback series.

While some of you still waiting for the Pain edition, Coarsetoys is going to release another limited variant of the Pain edition.

Limited to 5 pcs. Equipped with Sennheisers legendary HD 414 headpones and Coarse x Backjack minibag. I took a picture of this Pain variant when I was at Coarse back in January.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Michael Lau - MINDstyle version.

Spot this pair of figures at the NYCC MINDstyle booth. Is another black on black variant for the DJ PANDA and the Off World Creatures from Michael Lau. It is just for display, MINDstyle will later announce the release day.

**thanks Erin.**

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Joe Ledbetter - Bummer.

Giant figure, metal figure.......I guess Kaws really set a trend for this.

Today Joe Ledbetter released his hand cast & polished metal figure "Bummer", and produced by FullyVisual. All are individually numbered, and are packaged in sealed aluminum cans.
Limited to 99pcs of silver plated and 1pcs gold plate. Available at FullyVisual at 11PST and I did pick one up. Let's see if I will be getting the gold one or not.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

FULCRAIM by Haijin.

Just saw Kaijin show this sample of the new Apple Candy variant of the FULCRAIM. There is a face hidden under the helmet. I got the 1st Black proto variant (limited 44pcs) back in December. I'm curious to know if my black variant have the same face under the helmet. Here I go......helmet remove..and there is a sculpt. Such a surprise by Kaijin....totally a fresh feeling for this figure.

The 2nd variant of this FULCRAIM is the Champagne Gold variant with a base. The Apple Candy variant with base is the up coming variant that show the face behind the helmet.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Love the snow..!!

Took few days vocation to Barrie with "P" to snowboard and getaway. What's good about going there during week day is no one there at all and can be able to snowboard with no one around you. And the weather is very cooperate to give me at least 1 ft. of extra snow during my stay in Barrie.

Will probably go there again this a long weekend for us in Canada. "Family Day" on Monday....sound good to me.

SecretLab - French Dunny.

Not a big fans of Dunny at all....but I gotta give it up for my bro..Doze..his SECRETLAB French Dunny. Black and bloody......send me one now Doze.!!

Joe Ledbetter - Smash.

It seem that this Smash by Joe Ledbetter is going to be taken pre-order at the NYCC and product will be ready to ship by April. A brown version and a pink version...I would go for the brown.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Year of the Rat....from Winson.

Thanks for the greeting Winson, all the best to you in the year of Rat.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Cosmo Liquid.

The original sculpted pieces for the KAWS COMPANION (PUSHEAD VERSION) by Japanese sculptor COSMO LIQUID. Is always nice to see the original sculpted piece, picture was taken last year July at Cosmo Liquid exhibition in Roppongi Striped House Gallery in Tokyo Japan.

Year of the Rat....from Kenny.

Happy Chinese New Year to you too Kenny & Kit. That's a nice outfit for Molly.

Monday, February 04, 2008


Bringing together some of the biggest (well, bigger) names in Hong Kong hip-hop, 24Herbs is keeping it raw with their first studio album. Formed by LMF's Phat and Kit, Ghost Style, DJ Dor Yuk (producer Eddie Chung), MC Sir Eats-a-Lot (Brian Siswojo, founder of street label Know1edge), and MC Drunk (actor Conroy Chan), 24Herbs mixes languages, beats, and rhymes for some hard hip-hop sounds. The group's rap numbers and topics of choice are a welcome blast back to LMF-era Canto-rap - angry and profane, but also fun and catchy.

Owing to the hip-hop crew's multilingual composition and diverse callings, 24Herbs serves up raps in both English and Chinese, and shows metal, rock, and electronica influences in their arrangements. Featuring hard-hitting numbers like group anthem
24Herbs and the celebrity culture-bashing Superstar, 24Herbs' self-titled album is a rare offering from Hong Kong's underground hip-hop scene. The second disc comes with six remix tracks.

Eric Haze design the 24Herbs logo, and Prodip design the CD cover. Get your copy

**Gardener Brian design is base on Brain (MC Sir

Friday, February 01, 2008

Enterbay X Jay Chou.

This is another figure that I'm looking forward to for 2008 from Enterbay. I heard is going to be 2 versions with different outfits.


Ningyoushi announced that they are the official Crazysmiles retailer for the USA market. All the CSBOOTH14 released is on sale in their site, including the secret version DJ Panda and the Off World Creatures. Then what about MINDstyle..?? Just release black on black variant only..???~

Finally Michael is going to hit the US market, but the CSBOOTH14 release is a bit late when everyone already got it from friends or eBay. Anyhow is good to see we can have another choice than eBay and can be able to buy the secret version directly.