Monday, January 28, 2008


Visited Kenny at his studio, knowing him for many years now. Kit was great and took very good care of me when I'm there. The studio is not big but fill with goodies that I can't stop taking pictures. His working is amazing that all the great stuff that we see from Kenny is worked from that tiny desk.

Kenny showed me the helmet, costume and head sculpt for the upcoming Copperhead-18 character "Cube". This time the costume is in red and the helmet has light in it. The head sculpt remind me of BrothersRobber. Kenny will show them in his site when the time is ready.

The next Brothersworker going to release is confirmed to be SEVEN. For Molly......there will be series going to release base on the 2008 Olympic.

Took a picture with Kenny beside the sign that he is working on for his studio.