Thursday, January 03, 2008

Kaws Hasheem by OriginalFake X SANTASTIC.

First piece for 2008 into my collection.

Got this Kaws Hasheem successfully from KAWSONE....a good way to wrap up 2007. The figure is no different than the one released by How2work, is just the size is bigger and of course got the Kaws identity. The package is just a simple plastic bag, I guess they want to make it similar to the one that release a while back from How2work.
It make me wanna get all of my Hasheem out again to take a pictures of it.

In Tokyo Santastic Store there is a 3 ft. tall Hasheem inside the store. There also some Hasheem figures haven't been released. Michael also draw a Hasheem before in Garden Tribe.

For those that like Tokyo Tribe, no doubt this figure is going to be one of your best figures, and for those Kaws fan...again another great crossover piece.