Thursday, January 10, 2008

Coarsetoys 1:3 "Flake" – Pain Edition.

I first know about Mark Landwehr his Coarsetoys last year. When he first released Coarsetoys Switch & Cream. Each was limited to 300 sets and come with numbered cert.

Dec of 2007....Coarstoys released a 1:3 Butchers Block Berlin Edition only available at the Vans shop in Berlin. It shock me with this 25" tall figure...!! I still didn't get that into my collection.

But this upcoming release.....I'm sure I will be getting it. "Flake" Pain Edition.......again in 25" tall and come with a wooden box package, cost $320 US each. Still not sure about the edition run for this figure. Expect release date end of January or beginning of February.

For the collectors in can only get this figure from Vans Store in London, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona and Utrecht. Collectors in U.S....Rotofugi....MunkyKing will have them..!! All others.....e-mail coarsetoys.