Monday, January 28, 2008


Just return last night for my 2 weeks business trip to Hong Kong and U.K. Manage to have 2 days in HK for myself to met up with friends.

I visited Mark Landwehr (Coarsetoys) workshop in HK, it is too bad that he is on business trip on the day I visit him, but anyhow.....May & Linus at the workshop show me around and chit chat a bit.

Their workshop might look like a retail shop, but the fact it is not a retail store to buy figures. Most of the time their door is lock and not welcome for retail buyers. They showcase their 1:1 figures and the other 2 version of the figures. Other than that...the workshop is just look like another design studio, they did their work mainly for VANS...I saw some for BURTON.

Mark....I'll see you next time in HK..this time was a bad timing. Thanks for the customized skateboard.