Monday, January 28, 2008

Coarsetoys 1:3 "Flake" – Pain Edition.

I shipped the figure back to Canada right after I visited Mark's workshop to personally pick up the figure. I like the sculpting for this figure and the size make it. According to Mark, the wooden box version will be later for the limited 20 pcs edition. The box is well design and has 2 pillows to protect the figure, the pillow case look cool tho. Come with 2 posters and a sheet of sticker. It is a biggest figure that I ever have.

You can pre-order this figure at Rotofugi and MunkyKing.

Thanks Kaho, O' & Suki.

Kaho...thanks for the book..!! I read it on the plane on my way back Canada. O'....thanks for that little toys. SUKI.....thanks for showing me a around and took me to the Hong Kong Arts Center..!! Will see you all next time.


Visited Kenny at his studio, knowing him for many years now. Kit was great and took very good care of me when I'm there. The studio is not big but fill with goodies that I can't stop taking pictures. His working is amazing that all the great stuff that we see from Kenny is worked from that tiny desk.

Kenny showed me the helmet, costume and head sculpt for the upcoming Copperhead-18 character "Cube". This time the costume is in red and the helmet has light in it. The head sculpt remind me of BrothersRobber. Kenny will show them in his site when the time is ready.

The next Brothersworker going to release is confirmed to be SEVEN. For Molly......there will be series going to release base on the 2008 Olympic.

Took a picture with Kenny beside the sign that he is working on for his studio.


Just return last night for my 2 weeks business trip to Hong Kong and U.K. Manage to have 2 days in HK for myself to met up with friends.

I visited Mark Landwehr (Coarsetoys) workshop in HK, it is too bad that he is on business trip on the day I visit him, but anyhow.....May & Linus at the workshop show me around and chit chat a bit.

Their workshop might look like a retail shop, but the fact it is not a retail store to buy figures. Most of the time their door is lock and not welcome for retail buyers. They showcase their 1:1 figures and the other 2 version of the figures. Other than that...the workshop is just look like another design studio, they did their work mainly for VANS...I saw some for BURTON.

Mark....I'll see you next time in HK..this time was a bad timing. Thanks for the customized skateboard.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

T.O --> H.K --> U.K --> T.O

Going back to Hong Kong tomorrow then to U.K. on the 20th for business. Got 2 days for myself in HK and will visit some toys store and of course my friends in HK.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Boredomsqueezer - Boring Juice Boy & Girl.

Knew Alan (Boredomsqueezer) did this 3" Boring Juice Boy & Girl for Play Imaginative a year ago. Finally, is going to release. Both figures look fun to play with, especially it can store all the accessories in the can.

"Boring Juice" is designed by us

"Boring Juice" comes from the "something boring series". This central theme in the "something boring" series is something boring in our lives. We can't choose everything in life, job... food... drink.... or anything else. So the boring guy will change his body to anything.... starting out as "juice". Boring Juice promotes juicy and good tasting drinks; it's ok even though orange juice, apple juice and grape juice are not 100% juice!

The figure comes with a few parts and accessories.

Please email to if you are keen to receive the design tempate.

Deadline of submission: 15th Feb 2008.

Pls join to play, get rid of stress and pressure from your work, to draw what you like in the Can, to do what you want.