Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Michael Lau X Terry Richardson.

Terry and Michael both have different point of view, letters "A-Z"....for them have different meaning. "S" for SOCCER, but for Terry "S" to him is "SEX". And for of course..."G" for Michael is "Gardener".

Other than the "A-Zex" illustration book available. There are also 2 style of tees available at the exhibition for purchase. One is a drawing from the book "A-Zex". The other is Terry in a bear suit.

Michael has an habit is to create a new Gardener character every year. Last year we got 3 new gardeners...Steve Prefontanine, Crash M Dummy, Crash F Dummy. There is a chance that Terry Richardson is going to be the new Gardener. And, it will be release as a mass production 12" figure. Let's look forward to this.

PS: Thanks Suki.