Monday, December 03, 2007


One of the surprise this time at CSBOOTH14 is that Michael is going to have 3 paintings to sell. They are DJ Tommy, Prodig and Off World Creature : pascagoula. They are big painting at about 4ft. X 5ft canvas. Price will be announce later. It won't be cheap for sure.

It is confirmed that there are secret (hidden) figures for both DJ Tommy and Prodig. DJ Tommy will be that DJ Panda come in two variants. For Prodig will be that small version of "Off World Creature : pascagoula come in 3 variant.

Here are the release you can expect for CSBOOTH14:

Prodig, Young Prodig, Lazy Prodig, Yellow pascagoula (hidden in Lazy Prodig), White pascagoula (hidden in Prodig), Clear pascagoula (hidden in Young Prodig), DJ Tommy, Lazy DJ Tommy, DJ Panda V.1 (hidden in DJ Tommy), DJ Panda V.2 (hidden in Lazy DJ Tommy).

**The edition number for the hidden figures is 200 pcs.**

Prodig, DJ Tommy,

X'mas LUCKY of the grand prize is the limited NIKE Skate:Shoe:Board Dunk Low.!!! Of course in the mix with some small figures....!!!

One of the notice is that the price for the Gardener figures might rise from $400 HKD to either $450 - $500 HKD. With that price to play blind box hidden figures....I think is a bit too much for collectors. They'll end up having many double. Anyhow, to buy or not the choice is yours.