Friday, December 14, 2007

FULCRAIM by Haijin.

Another piece arrive today is the FULCRAIM by Haijin. I know about Haijin of his Steiny and Jepel long ago but not really feeling at all (too cute for me). But I do like how he sculpt his own works. This FULCRAIM....he changed his style a lot. This all black is the 1st 7" prototype limited to 44 pcs only, produced by ONEup in Japan. Yes, the figure is made in Japan. This FULCRAIM is a Ghost and it can stand by the hand. The head of the figure is mainly the helmet and it is removable.

Each figure come with a numbered cert. and mine is #01/44. Is always good to be the first. The figure is available today in Japan at Oneup. and it sold out already.

There will be a RED version coming up in January.