Thursday, November 22, 2007


Two more weeks to go for the CSBOOTH14.....I already start the count down. For me I have two more weeks left to look for HELP. My buddy in HK who use to help me buy stuff from CSBOOTH is losing the passion in Michael's work already. Now it left me hanging but need to look for help again.

Notice "Young Prodig" mouth is different than normal & lazy version. Let's see if Michael going to use the same mold or different one for this.

Now..all we know is this Gardener "Prodig" is going to release in 3 version, from the past CSBOOTH used to be a 3 days event. But now this CSBOOTH14 will be a 2 days event. Will this event related to "Prodip" Project After Dark his UFO documentary DVD~??

I hope he will release 2 or 3 figures a day, that leave us some surprise.(just don't release NY FAT anymore) Otherwise...he might just release 1 figure on the first day, then 2 figures for the next day. There will be lucky draw again this time, my guess for this one...the grand prize should be that Nike Pro 20" figures and of course mix of other figures.