Monday, October 29, 2007

Project 9707 x Michael lau.

Fashion designer Vivienne Tam gathered 10 different designers around the world for "Project 9707". Designers are Michael Lau, Ross Lovegrove, Jimmy Choo, Calvin Tsao, Zaha Hadid, Zandra Rhodes....etc. They are gather to design a tees base on the topic "impression 9707" to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Hong Kong handover from the Britain to China.

According to Michael, his "impression 9707" represent the 10 years of Hong Kong. And to him it is an important time that from nobody know him to world famous figures artist. His design is starting off by very rough line, to represent the up and down of Hong Kong, but in the end the line is smoothly going back up, no matter how the end is always good.