Wednesday, October 10, 2007

at Eric So studio.

Met with Eric So at his studio during my short stay in Hong Kong. When I walk in there is a show case of each of his previous works. Then his cabinet of his works and of course his working desk. As a respect I didn't take any pictures of his working desk. But he showed me the stuff that he is working on at the moment, he is working for his upcoming exhibition, it will be a mix of realistic sculpting of person and some of his "So Fun" style works. His sculpting and coloring skill improve a lot. Look forward to this exhibition when is ready.

I'm confirm that he is going to do the Abe Sapian from HellBoy. Mike Mignola dig his HellBoy design a lot since is look so different than what Mike Mignola did. Look forward to this figure. Eric also showed me a prototype of Big Marv from SIN CITY. The sculpt is awesome and according to Eric, Frank Miller already approved the design, look forward to the release date.

One of the pictures show the 12" Kaws figure with plush bendy. Eric told me that he want to release that figure way back since he and Kaws are good friend, but at that time Kaws told him that he already sign with Medicom, so can't release it. My other favourite have to be the LMF 12" figures.

As an artist he carefully select the work that he do and who to crossover with. He can release many many figures, but he choose not to do that but to do a quality work like this " The curse of golden flower" figure. Personally, I like artists that actually sit down to sculpt their design. I do enjoy listening the story of issues that he face when he is doing "The curse of golden flower" figure, and other products that he already released. It is not easy to create a figure and as a collector I do cherish their hard work.

Many thanks for the hospitality and I will see you next time.