Friday, August 31, 2007

EnterBay - Arnie Kim - Fearless.

More images from Arnie of his Fearless "Jet Li" produced by Enterbay. Arnie definitely did a great job on the sculpt again. This figure will have the interchangeable eyes and I heard it will be a new body too. Look forward to it.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

N4E1 - Not For Everyone.

Just received some N4E1 gears from my friends at the N4E1 - Not For - Do like their monogram hoody & polo shirt. The limited Black on Black "N4E1 Stealth Superstar" hand sewn sequins tee is real sick and limited. The crossover trucker cap with Revival is my other favourite. Look forward to their next season line up.

2th Anniversary ENTERBAY - The passion for perfection.

Here is the head sculpt by Arnie base on the movie "Fearless" by Jet Li. Release soon from Enterbay. This figure also has the interchangeable eyes system.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

1998 Michael Lau Gardener Post Card Set.

It is amazing that someone still kept this Gardener Post Card Set in mint condition with the Gardener sticker still seal the package. Another piece that I missed in 1998 is coming back to me again.

Another 20".....Ronaldinho.

Obtain another Michael Lau Nike Pro figure....Ronaldinho.....!!~

Monday, August 27, 2007

Eric So-preparation for 2008 exhibition-Part 1.

Eric is preparing his exhibition for 2008. After the release of the "Estate" design style of "The curse of the golden flower" Chow Yuen Fat. Eric did a realistic version of it. There are the head sculpt of Stephen Chow and Steve McQueen as well. For sure this exhibition will be load of realistic sculpting and paint job by Eric.

Stay tune for more info at

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Michael Lau : Maharishi : XLarge : Fingercroxx.

Took some more photos of the Maharishi version XLAUGH. This figure also come with a spare fingercross hand. The actual figure is look better than the pictures. KAWS face look cool on this figure.

Michael Lau : Maharishi : XLarge : Fingercroxx.

Just got this about 5 mins taken fresh on my office desk. My guess is right...this Maharishi version it come with a face that look like KAWS....!! The color and face remind me of the "Muffy" plush. There is a Maharishi tag inside the jacket, this figure come with 2 new hats. Wearing a pairs of new shoe, and shoulders joint part is a new sculpt too, cuz the figure is going to wear a jacket.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I had been talking about Vansei and his only figure Anakin Skywalker for the past year until now. So far 3 versions had been made and he improved each version with something crazy. "P" saw this picture and she thought that is an actual person.

Not again...~!!

For some reason this dude...softhard_1988 put my photos into his auction AGAIN. Come on....I don't mind you take my photos and post it, but never in an auction site.

For those that shop in YahooHK, I'm NOT softhard_1988.

2th Anniversary ENTERBAY - The passion for perfection.

I'm so anxious to know is his Fearless - Jet Li. is going to sculpt by Arnie. Here are the 2nd Anniversary projects by ENTERBAY and Arnie. Fearless - Jet Li and Enter The Dragon - Bruce Lee.

Life begin again..~!!

Having tough time to book hotel in Unzen and Beppu Japan, Especially I wanna book those traditional style. Thanks to Yoshihide for the help and hopefully I'll see you next month in Tokyo. My travel plan will start next month and will be away until beginning of October.

Just remember Sept 29 is the birthday of "Gardener". Hopefully I will be in time for the 8th anniversary of "Gardener" in Hong Kong. Look forward to meet friends in Hong Kong.

Monday, August 20, 2007

What time it is~?

Why not turn it into a life style.

Michael Lau : MINDstyle Exclusive.

Received the MINDstyle ATS club membership catalog and the pair of Black on Black M076 & M077 : FUTURE, WOMAX Gardener figures. Membership and figures are limited to 300. For my FUTURE....I got 2 heads.

The color on this pair of figure is reverse of the one that release back in 3300' season one. Glossy black vs. Flat Black. The package of the figures is all black, with the black glossy print. The power of dark toyz is amazing.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Michael Lau : Maharishi : XLarge : Fingercroxx.

XLAUGH (6) Maharishi version is available quietly at the dpmhi. I believe most people are just aiming at the XLAUGH with Maharishi 90 Splinter camo jacket...!!! I ordered mine. ^_^