Thursday, July 19, 2007

SANTASTIC! Talking Hasheem.

Received this "Talking Hasheem" box set today. It contain a "Talking Hasheem" "Sticker" "Small booklet" and "SARU" Tee. A box with many goodies. I first spot this figure two years ago from "Garden Tribe" issue, at that stage is still a prototype.

This Hasheem is improve a lot compare to the past release. The main features of this figure is by pressing a "switch"......( the switch located on a weird it hard on that little switch....!!!) than it will activate 5 speech in Japanese. I'm sure he is not saying "how are you.....!!!" that kind of stuff. It must be something else..!!

Tokyo Tribe 2 story is finished, but SARU product is still HOT.....!!!

**Different type of Hasheem....formed a Hasheem family in my collection.