Monday, July 16, 2007

Michael Lau : Nike Pro figures on Yahoo...!!!

The charity auction for HK is finished, and then the upcoming charity auction for this set of figure is going to start on July 23 at WE SOLD OUT. The lucky draw from Nike HK haven't draw the winner yet.

Spot this personal auction over the Hong Kong Yahoo Auction. This is not for charity....!! It is mainly a "flip" auction. When everyone thoughts....they are not for the public and the only chance to get it is by charity auction, here is a set on auction site. I'm curious to know......why there is a set available at the auction site. (when the seller is not the winner from the HK Charity auction.)

It is sad to see how they price this set by the HK charity final bid price. Well...$300 HKD cheaper than the charity set. With the Charity the market price for this set end up at $20000+ HKD ($2558 USD).