Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Kennyswork - Copperhead-18 - DIG.

Received both Copperhead-18:DIG last week, "P" got me the normal version as my B-day gift. Do enjoy both versions and nothing can be more special than having number "79" /300 statue cert. for my SP version.

There are several improvements on DIG. One of them is Kenny added in a little pack of spare parts, those easy to break small parts..i.e: the snob on the back oxygen tank and the small thin metal pieces for the helmet. On my DARK, there was a broken snob on the oxygen tank when I got it. I guess Kenny has realized this issue, so for the DIG he adds in some spare snobs. I am finally able to fix that little broken snob on my DARK with the new parts. The special figure stand is great, it holds up the figure really well. DIG contains more metal parts than DARK. Wish I would get that same figure stand for DARK.

Anyways, look forward to the next character in the series.