Wednesday, July 25, 2007 look.

HOW2WORK produced some great quality figures, the one that I got is the Tokyo Tribe 2 Kai and Merra 12" figures and the Hasheem vinyl. I'm still looking forward to the next character "Tera" from the Tokyo Tribe 2 series from HOW2WORK.

HOW2WORK got a new look for their web site and more information now. "Ah Dee"....the founder of HOW2WORK also having a blog in the site too. Just spot this "Les Mort's 13" 12" figure in "Ah Dee" blog. A new project that he will produce this figure for Ashley wood.

This figure look interesting to me and I will for sure keep my eyes to this one for my collection.
Ashley wood drawing style is kinda cool....check out his site.

**The skull head and the orange remind me Brothersrobber.**