Friday, July 27, 2007

HOW2WORK @ Ani Com.

HOW2WORK is showcasing their current and past works at the Ani Com. They got some Nara Yoshitomo Sleepless night available. But sold out real quick.

The Ashley Wood 12" figure "Les Mort's 13" is at the show as well. The new member from the Moomin Family "Little My" is in the showcase. The character designed by Siu Hak "Panda & Amanda" made it debut in the show. With the success of the previous release "Monkey" base on another comic character by Siu Hak. The smaller version of the "Monkey" is so cute.

Future project : HEADSTONE X STARWARS....stay tune for this one.

**Thanks to my buddy Tomm for the pics.^_^.**