Friday, July 27, 2007

Art Idol...Ani Com 2007.

Saw the HK news last night, one of the daily story is that peoples are starting to queue the night before this Ani Com 2007 at Hong Kong (July27-31). They are all going for the limited item. In HK...some comic book publishers is releasing limited figures too. Especially from ComicsWorld, they released many limited figures base on their popular comic book.."Wind&Cloud".

Art Idol is having a booth in Ani Com. Showcasing many different HK local artists work. The artists that I'm interested to see will be Winson Ma,
Colon Ho and Mak Siu Fung. Tim Tsui is showing his DaMinci..customized to Da Bat Minci.

Winson Ma customize is called "Child Dream : Gundam Boy". Gundam is everyone favourite cartoon show. His design is base on that and the figure is wearing a Gundam gear. Too bad that Kenny and William didn't showcase any customize for this event.