Monday, June 18, 2007


Prototype Stage:

It is another crossover figures again by Michael X Nike. Yes, but this time the figures is not for sell. Nike Globe want to do a world promotion for their line "Nike Pro". Michael designed these figures for Nike promotion purpose and they will be display around the world in different Nike Shop.

The three characters are "Ronaldinho" "Kobe Bryant" & "Roger Federer". Originally Michael want to do a 1/6 figures for this project, but due to production time and Medicom already did a 1/6 figures for the "original six". At last he choose to do this figures by vinyl. The figures are 20" tall, from the picture that Michael in it, you can see the figures head & body in proportion. According to Michael, the reason he make it to 20" is becasue they are for display purpose, so is better to be BIG.

There is a signature on the back of the figures, "Ronaldinho" "Kobe Bryant" & "Roger Federer" approved on the design. The figure will be wearing their own individual Nike Pro gear.

Will 20" figures....would be Michael next approach in designing figures~?!?! We'll see..!!!

images from TommGarden + Hyper beast.