Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Michael Lau figure 10 years.

Just read this article in Yahoo Hong Kong about Michael Lau. -->article in chinese<-- Sum it all up..Article is about Michael Lau been creating figures for 10 years. The first one was created for the HK local hardrock band "Anodize". (one of the crazytoyz : forum user translated the article to English.)

I like how he answer the following question.

Q:What is the different that you notice in this 10 years?

A:"The most will be from nobody to someone famous. Being others idol. And getting OLD, losing hair....more and more things that bother me.

Before when I was still young, there are not many rules and I have nothing to lose. Therefore I can be a little more crazy in my works. From zero to I need to improve myself everytime. Compare to the past now I got more things to worries and the road to achieve BETTER is getting harder and harder.

Let's say....from the beginning GARDENER is more toward the Skateboard style. But I'm getting OLD, how can I go on with that Skateboard style? So I moved slowly to sci-fiction design. Or when next time I'm designing a figure, I can go even more crazy that people wouldn't even recognize is design by Michael Lau."

Counting my fingers......I like his stuff since 1998, from a normal collector to a crazy collector. Time pass really FAST..!!!

Michael wanna to crossover with his idol Tim Burton. Hope his dream will come true.

Around September, Michael will release a 8th anniverary Gardener Figures. Let's see what he is going to release this time.

Next year will be Beijing Olympic a crossover project with NIKE.....again.!!