Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Arnie Kim & his handmade Bruce Lee art.

I first know Arnie's work in 2004 and like everybody else....I just say "Wow..". Then was my pleasure to be his friend in 2005. Really have to thanks to my buddy Sung. Then it was my honor to be able to own his hand made Bruce Lee. Each one I waited about 4 months to be finish. I choose the "Game of Death" & "Enter the Dragon", since they are my best Bruce Lee movie. I got both figures in 2006 and realize I didn't take any pictures of them as I always do.

The G.O.D figure that I have is the hand insert eyes ball version. With the light reflection on the eyes ball, it give the figure a soul...and is look like a real person in your hand.

With ENTERBAY, more and more peoples can enjoy Arnie's art, enjoy his natural born sculpting skill.