Thursday, May 10, 2007

X-LAUGH(6) release tomorrow....!!>_<

Just had a nice HK style breakfast (miss that a lot.) and bought a EAST TOUCH from a news stand. Tomorrow will release 3 characters from the XLAUGH(6) series. It is a shame for me that I can't make it there tomorrow....>_<..!! Anyhow, took some shots for you guys to take a look.

The SPACE FINGER is not bad with that building in the mouth. FX WORK.....the banana is represent light saber. No info. on the XLAUGH will be available on May 20. The day before I'm heading home. This one gonna be first time buying figures in HK not getting it from mail, hope it will turn out good. Otherwise...evilBay here I come......Let's hope tomorrow release won't sold out..and I can buy them next week.