Thursday, May 17, 2007


Just return from China yesterday and finally finished all my business and can enjoy few days in HK. The figures released last week are still available for purchase. It is not surprise that they are not sold out due to the price and in total there are about 11 double-park store + 4 fingercroxx + 1 EXIT store are selling these X-LAUGH(6). No idea on the edition number tho.

Thought there will not be any color variant on X-LAUGH(6). But..sadly say..there are color variant. But is just one certain part on the figure in different color. Luckily, the one that I got is what I'm looking for (original colors).

This weekend...Sat (SPACE FINGER & FINGER KING) & Sun (X-LAUGH)..will release the last three figures in the series. Most people are waiting for the final character X-LAUGH. This one will be available in China & Hong Kong only. There will be a BLACK X-LAUGH with new face and body sculpt, that is Japan/U.S. version. Later on XLAUGH(6) will be available in U.K. and Paris. That's why there will be 2 more variant on X-LAUGH, the rest stay the same. Maharishi version ( in white/orange), Colette version ( in blue).