Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A nice story before I head to Hong Kong..!!!

I try to search for the Nike 706 Mr.Shoe online, then I came across with a guy from Beijing. We chat on MSN for about an hour and I offer him some money to buy his 706 Mr.Shoe. I also send him my blog web site, so that he can have a better understanding in me about my passion in Michael's work. From my pass experience in search of a figures, that I will never imagine that I will get such an answer.

"to me, that is just a toy. I don't really need it. but I know that might be a precious to you. I will be glad to help you to fullfill your collection. everybody has little something that they like to collect, I do too. I know how you feel. I will give this figure to you and hope you won't mind is opened........!!"

I am appreciated that how generous he is (we chated for an hour), and he know he can earn money from it, but he didn't do that. He is happy that he can fullfill my collection. Friend helping friend....that's what all this about..!! Is a shame that some so called "friend"...that I knew for more than an hour. Is asking for more more and more $$.

Pack up and head to Hong Kong for business and then five day for myself after that. Back home on 21st. Later....!! Seem like a good timing for the release of XLAUGH(6)....hope I can get some. And of course will meet with friends in HK.