Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Don't ask for too much....!!!

This is what I witness during the autograph session. I was standing beside Michael during that time.

M = Michael H = Mr.H

H : Michael can you sign and draw on this figure for me.

M : OK.

H : Can you draw something special this time.

M : What special?

H : You know....something different.!!

M : .........(thinking about 6 seconds.)

M : I don't know what special you want.

H : You are the know what is special.

M : I tell you...I don't know.

H : Come on know how to make it special.

M : I don't know what you want.

H : Come on Michael....!!

M : want special....!! (Start drawing.....)

M : Here this is special.

H : ..........**speechless**!!!

Anyways.....before this Michael already draw all 6 characters from the X-LAUGH(6) series on the poster for Mr.H that he requested......!!! But he still want more special. That Michael stick man it is special.