Thursday, May 31, 2007

Maharishi X-LAUGH??

This should be the faces for Maharishi X-LAUGH, the others is for the normal and black version. Interesting to see that "look alike" KAWS head. Still don't know when will be release.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

This ain't me.~!!

Is really piss me off when I see someone use my pictures (especially the drawing I got from Michael with my 0709 ID on.) in an auction, I'm not the SELLER of this auction and I got nothing to do with it. Anyhow, I already e-mail to this "softhard_1988" and Yahoo HK about this. Damn..when this happen...!!!

I don't mind you take my pictures but don't use it in an auction. Show some respect man.~~!!

Luke Chueh : Possessed.......

I still haven't be able to land my hand on this guy Luke Chueh - Possessed. 1000 pcs edition run on the original white version. I'm sure MunkyKing haven't sold out all of them yet. I'm patiently waiting when it become available at the original price. I like Luke Chueh's painting......and this figure is being hype up for the past 2 years. The black version is limited to 250 pcs. For me just the original white version is good enough.

Boredomsqueezer - Walking Paradise.

Boredomsqueezer is focus on doing handmade figures, and this is what they want to do. Kevin and Trueben is released. Now they are working on a new project base on their "Walking Paradise" high fashion figures. It is fun to see Boredomsqueezer update their progress in their blog. This is another hand made figure to celeabrate their 3rd anniverary. For anyone want to recap on the "Walking Paradise" figures, pictures are in crazytoyz forum.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Thanks Duke....!!!

Nice talking to you last is my pleasure to be your friend. Thanks...!!

Collection : X-LAUGH(6)

Took some photos & review of my new collection and posted in crazytoyz forum. Check them out....!!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

X-LAUGH(6) available at XLarge.

Available last Friday at XLarge L.A. store only. According to XLarge the response is overwhelming. Maharishi version is coming soon and seem like there will not be any Colette version.

Friday, May 25, 2007

X-LAUGH(6) - Maharishi version.

Here are the Maharishi version of the X-LAUGH(6).

Honestly....I think the original design look the best, find a bit xtreme on this color combination orange/white.

Curious to know how's the X-LAUGH going to look like.

Kaws - Original Fake / NEXUS 7

This OF / NEXUS 7 400% wood bearbrick was available today at 12PM EST. Limited to 400 pcs and of course with the power of SOLD OUT in a minute. Kaws recent release is expensive and no surprise.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

X-LAUGH(6) available at XLarge.

X-LAUGH(6) will be available this Friday at XLarge on 12PM. The tees, playing card, poster will be available at that time. They don't accept phone orders or reserve figures for anybody. The figures are $120 each, tees $50, playing cards $10, and posters $10.

They got the black version XLAUGH figure only. HK white version is not available.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Don't ask for too much....!!!

This is what I witness during the autograph session. I was standing beside Michael during that time.

M = Michael H = Mr.H

H : Michael can you sign and draw on this figure for me.

M : OK.

H : Can you draw something special this time.

M : What special?

H : You know....something different.!!

M : .........(thinking about 6 seconds.)

M : I don't know what special you want.

H : You are the know what is special.

M : I tell you...I don't know.

H : Come on know how to make it special.

M : I don't know what you want.

H : Come on Michael....!!

M : want special....!! (Start drawing.....)

M : Here this is special.

H : ..........**speechless**!!!

Anyways.....before this Michael already draw all 6 characters from the X-LAUGH(6) series on the poster for Mr.H that he requested......!!! But he still want more special. That Michael stick man it is special.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Back home......!!!~

Back home last night. Overall I had a wonderful time in HK and my first time buying figures in a store not from mail. Thanks to O'Lun and Kaho to accompany me in Hong Kong. I will see you all again....either in July. If not...I will see you in September for sure.

Glad to met up with Michael again and it was a cool meeting and chat a bit on stuff, he still got some big plan coming up and exhibition, stay tune for that. Is funny how he always pick on Kaho....anyhow..thanks Michael and I will see you again soon. ***I'm confirm that Michael is really a full time soccer player, creating figures is just his part time job.*** =)

@ double park.

I was at the Causewaybay Double Park store, people are line up to get Michael's autograph. In the display case at the store the big XLAUGH is on display. They don't allow any I snap a quick one on that. XLAUGH(6) are show indiviually in their display case. During that morning......I bought the black version and the white version from another store instead of the Causewaybay Double Park store, that decision is good....since all of the limited black version are sold out real quick...and only 5 fingercroxx store have them in stock.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Just return from China yesterday and finally finished all my business and can enjoy few days in HK. The figures released last week are still available for purchase. It is not surprise that they are not sold out due to the price and in total there are about 11 double-park store + 4 fingercroxx + 1 EXIT store are selling these X-LAUGH(6). No idea on the edition number tho.

Thought there will not be any color variant on X-LAUGH(6). But..sadly say..there are color variant. But is just one certain part on the figure in different color. Luckily, the one that I got is what I'm looking for (original colors).

This weekend...Sat (SPACE FINGER & FINGER KING) & Sun (X-LAUGH)..will release the last three figures in the series. Most people are waiting for the final character X-LAUGH. This one will be available in China & Hong Kong only. There will be a BLACK X-LAUGH with new face and body sculpt, that is Japan/U.S. version. Later on XLAUGH(6) will be available in U.K. and Paris. That's why there will be 2 more variant on X-LAUGH, the rest stay the same. Maharishi version ( in white/orange), Colette version ( in blue).

Thursday, May 10, 2007

X-LAUGH(6) release tomorrow....!!>_<

Just had a nice HK style breakfast (miss that a lot.) and bought a EAST TOUCH from a news stand. Tomorrow will release 3 characters from the XLAUGH(6) series. It is a shame for me that I can't make it there tomorrow....>_<..!! Anyhow, took some shots for you guys to take a look.

The SPACE FINGER is not bad with that building in the mouth. FX WORK.....the banana is represent light saber. No info. on the XLAUGH will be available on May 20. The day before I'm heading home. This one gonna be first time buying figures in HK not getting it from mail, hope it will turn out good. Otherwise...evilBay here I come......Let's hope tomorrow release won't sold out..and I can buy them next week.

Arrive to HK.

Now it is 2:49 AM here in HK.....yes..I'm still jet lag. Tomorrow will go check out some toys store and meet up with a friend. Saturday to May business time. Is sad that I'm here in HK but will miss the May 12th XLAUGH(6) release day. (business always come first.)

Hope I can personally pick up the Eric So "chow yuen fat" figure and for sure will pick up my Boredomsqueezer figures (Kevin & Trueben). Eric personally paint and touch up on the parts for the "The Cure of the Golden Flower" figures.

The Luke Chueh Possessed going to release on May 18th. Yes...I'll miss the release date. But I'm sure I will be getting one.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A nice story before I head to Hong Kong..!!!

I try to search for the Nike 706 Mr.Shoe online, then I came across with a guy from Beijing. We chat on MSN for about an hour and I offer him some money to buy his 706 Mr.Shoe. I also send him my blog web site, so that he can have a better understanding in me about my passion in Michael's work. From my pass experience in search of a figures, that I will never imagine that I will get such an answer.

"to me, that is just a toy. I don't really need it. but I know that might be a precious to you. I will be glad to help you to fullfill your collection. everybody has little something that they like to collect, I do too. I know how you feel. I will give this figure to you and hope you won't mind is opened........!!"

I am appreciated that how generous he is (we chated for an hour), and he know he can earn money from it, but he didn't do that. He is happy that he can fullfill my collection. Friend helping friend....that's what all this about..!! Is a shame that some so called "friend"...that I knew for more than an hour. Is asking for more more and more $$.

Pack up and head to Hong Kong for business and then five day for myself after that. Back home on 21st. Later....!! Seem like a good timing for the release of XLAUGH(6)....hope I can get some. And of course will meet with friends in HK.

Thursday, May 03, 2007