Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Eric So - "Curse Of The Golden Flower" 1:6 figure.

Eric's new work base on the move "Curse Of The Golden Flower" a character that play by Chow Yuen Fat as a Chinese emperor. The figure come with a crazy outfit as I say......the outfit of the Chinese emperor by using gold thread....and the dragon on the outfit is just amazing. The dress on this figure is following exactly the same a real Chinese emperor, about 6 layers of clothing on this figure. Limited edition of 100 pcs world wide and come with golden metal numbered cert. for each figure. It also come with a nice wood box for this set of figure. Each set cost $3800 HKD that's about $480 USD.

You can pre-order them now at Eric's web site: www.ericsoart.com

Set to be release beginning of May.

Images courtesy of : Tomm's Garden & ericsoart.com