Saturday, March 10, 2007

rewind: 2003 London Gardener exhibition.

Maharishi (re)present Michael Lau exhibition 3 London 2003. During that exhibition..NY FAT was released in 3 variant Deluxe (50pcs), green camo (500pcs), and black camo (500pcs). It was a big surprise during that time. Other than figures, the poster with 102 gardeners with a huge Maharishi camo tube was fans favourite too. Other than figures and poster is collectible, I also got this 1:6 Gardener tee (50pcs) as well. Some gardener was wearing this 1:6 tee during the exhibition. Anyways....wanna show this to you guys, since some of my friends didn't know anything about this tee.

50 pieces released from 75 pcs made:
Michael Lau private collection: 10 pcs
Hardy Private collection: 11 pcs
Gardener 2003 exhibition: 4 pcs

.....0709 : 1 piece.

Check out the pictures.....the detail on this tee is the same as the 1:1 tee from Maharishi. Notice the number on my D-mon's arm..!!