Thursday, January 04, 2007

Jan 4. 2007 - Kaws & Secret Base Skullhead.

Today I'm planning to get 2 figures. One is the Kaws black dissected, the other is the Secret Base SkullBee. The SkullBee are on sale this morning.....and sold out real quick. Happy that I manage to get it. Limited to 100 pcs world wide and the shocker site only got 30 pcs for sale.

As for Kaws.....I got into the page 2 times. The first time I try to check out by using PayPal...and it got error and it just closed the page itself. Damn...the second time....I wanna try PayPal again..since I got fund in it....but then error happen again. Then I can't be able to get in anymore. When I think back...I should just use credit card like I always does. hard least I got the original colorway dissected and also got the secret base figure. Life move on.