Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year...!!

Happy New Year to everyone.

2007....new year new plan. Now time pass really fast, 2006 just felt like yesterday. Finally this year I met Michael in Hong Kong, and finally gotta see Gardener Exhibition. Travel to many places this year. Glad I was on top of the Yellow Mountain in China. For work...it is busy and stable, for living I really got nothing to complaint. But, I really wanna start doing something for my own. I still don't know what I should do.....open up a store, restaurant...!!?? I gotta dedicate more for my Hot Yoga class this year, I gave too many excuses to miss classes last year. This year I will be getting marry with my "P". Getting ready to move into my new condo...just preparation. It will be a great year of 07.

For my collection.....honestly I already start feeling tired about this game. Maybe I'm getting old...don't have the energy to chase for the figures. But, I'm not going to stop, is just the way I see them is different now. I will be even more selective now.......still Michael, Kaws and Brothersfree is still on the top my list. Michael, you better start doing something with your domain www.crazysmiles.com. I'm so sick and tired of buying your works from eBay and begging friends in HK for help. Put yourself in my position, you'll understand !!