Friday, January 12, 2007

2 years ago...2 years later~!!

I was in the Ningyoushi news two years ago when I first got my 12" Gardener Tatto Oct 26, 2005. I remember it was a big thing in the N-forum, I'm so happy at that time. Many N-forum users even PM me with greeting...cuz, my 4 years search come to a happy ending.

What make it even more happier is 2 years later this figure is completed with everything. My trip to HK is well worth it. People this is the #6 Gardener Tatto with a total different package compare with all the other 9 pcs. Michael hand draw all these on this blank box for me. I remember he held the box for about few seconds to think what to do with it. I like how he design the box with the original number on it and the Gardener logo. Since the box is brown....he added those line on it. I guess he wanna make it like wood grain style. Thanks again.