Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My frustration.

This week I bought a pair of FUTURE and WOMAX black pointman from two different sellers, check out price for both of them together $500 USD. Am I happy on what I got?....YES. Am I happy on the price?....NO. But, what I can do........when I have no choice.

Honestly...I'm kind of feeling tired about this game after all these years, nothing has been done. As many of you might know.....I have passion and dedication in collecting Michael's work. And I know there are many peoples out there just like me. I'm not a flippers and don't make money by selling his works. But why this have to happen.

When Michael is working hard and doing his own things. I know he will just getting better and better on his works. But at the same time......flippers are getting happy and happier. Because to them it means more profits by selling his works. I doubt they really appreciate his works. For me is just leave me no choice but to buy it from them. Will the true fans or overseas fans be able to get a taste of it?

This Saturday, Kaws will release his black dissected companion at Original Fake. Just checked Original Fake web site, realize they improve their buying system by checking ID. I'm not sure if that will work or not, but again he shows concerns to his fans. After a while, the figure will be availabe at, I will be notify the date and time by e-mail. I know if I stay home on that day....eventually I will be able to get it. Well....if I miss it..that's my false and I think I deserve it to buy from eBay with a higher price.

Again....I'm one of the biggest fans of Michael. I respect his works and his style. I just need to get this frustration out of me, express it here.