Monday, December 18, 2006

My thoughts and is just my 2 cents.

The CSBOOTH13 the two days event is finally finished. At last fans can see some new works from Michael. And again for us...overseas collector is headache time on how to get them. And pay for a mark up price on the evilBay. I know how CrazySmiles want to keep everyone happy. But as an international figures artist, I think Michael should try to think of a way to let his overseas fans get the same taste not just the people in HK. At least give us some chance....!! Maharishi might be a solution, but by the time they post on the web, most of the items are already sold out by local people at the GPS store. Unless we know what they gonna have and e-mail them in advance.

I received e-mail from time to time...asking me on where they can get Michael's work. There are many fans in North America. I think Michael should consider launch his which he obtain the domain for a long time. To do some e-commerce.....take KAWS as an example. Even though his figures are rare...but at least everyone around the world...can get a chance to buy them at a right price.

Anyways, I still enjoy Michael's works and hope Crazysmiles will consider doing something for his overseas fans.