Saturday, December 16, 2006

Michael Lau - CSBOOTH 13 - 3300 Season one.

Day 1....Released the Gardener series WOMAX and the Off World Creatures. The black pointman is assorted with all the WOMAX. As for Off World Creatures, same can't choose color as they are all blind assortment. Available colors are Black, White and Yellow. Green are London Maharishi exclusive.

In the display cabinet revealed the Maharishi version of the WOMAX and FUTURE pointman, those will be London Maharishi exclusive.

Beside the WOMAX and Off World Creatures. There are lucky draw today, $100 HKD per draw, each customer maximum 10 draw. The prize are attractive though.

9 big prizes.
- 999 Gold Michael.
- SFCC 30
- Nike X Michael - Skate:Shoe:Board
- LamDog Football Set
- Mr.Shoe Leborn Set
- Tom.Kid Set
- NY-FAT G-Shock
- T-90 Football
- Mr.Shoe Shadow

15 mid prizes, and 12 small prizes. Mix it up with other figures, tees and book.

Personally....for today event. I don't like the blind assortment arrangement for the figures. If the price for them is like a BEARBRICK, I don't mind. I rather he release just one color with no other variant. Most people have to overspend to get their favourite color. As for the pointman, is a secret figure, so......just see your luck.

More pictures in crazytoyz forum.