Saturday, December 30, 2006

Michael Lau - CC series 4 - Crazykidult.

Here is another sketch from Michael. This is the CrazyChildren series 4 - Crazykidult - Grown FATWEST. This is to continues of CC series 1. The figure will be 18" with articulation ball joint. The figure will be wearing outfit as well. There is NY FAT in the sketch to compare with this massive FATWEST. Still no words on when it will be release. There will be 5 characters for the 1st set. Each character head scuplt and body will look different. Seem like the price will be about $200 US each. Limited to 100 pcs each and is only available for michael gallery member.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Michael Lau - CC series 4 - crazykidult.

Some new stuff from Michael. It is CrazyChildren series 4. For most Michael fans call it CC. Still no words on when they will be release. The style of Crazychildren change again.

1/4 action figure....this gonna be big in size.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

3300' Season one arrive today.

Got my first 3300' season one parcel today. Still waiting for the Womax and Future pointman. One disapointment is the FUTURE doesn't come with the spray cans, which the original 12" FUTURE has. Anyways, I got some extra spray cans from my NY FAT. It look good with Spray cans. The Pascagoula Alien is about 8" with the helmet. I like the size is bigger than most of Michael figures.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Winson Creation - Firespecter.

Winson Creation web site launched, fill with information about Winson's work on Apexplorer series, and the recent new work Firespecter. It contain movie, story and sketches for his works. The Firespecter will be release in Feb. and is now is on pre-order status. The normal version will be limited to 800 pcs world wide. Expect to see another special version.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Kaws - A new companion??!

Just saw this from OriginalFake. Will this be a new Companion for the coming 2007. By the way this character is a "Japanese Police" character called Pipo-Kun by Osamu Tezuka re-interpreted by KAWS. It's been in stickers and a print. The only time that this character appear on Kaws arts was on his prints.

Season Greetings from CrazySmiles.

My only wish for Christmas this year is Crazysmiles will set up something for overseas fans.

Seasons Greetings from Winson.

Seasons Greetings from Winson & Louisa. Their site Winson Creation will be launch soon.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Boredomsqueezer Handmade Collection.

My Boredomsqueezer - Boredomcity handmade 12" Miku arrive today before Christmas. Happy that I got the Special version, which limited to 3 pcs only. This handmade Miku is limted to 20 pcs world wide. The special version is #10 of 20, the black version is #1 of 10. They both come with a cert. sign by the Boredomsqueezer team.

Anyways, busy at work and got no time to take it out from the box. Just take few of this shots just to show.

Holiday Greetings from Kenny.

A greetings from kenny, his Molly's the painter is going to release.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Maharishi exclusive of 3300' season one.

This will be London Maharishi exclusive and each limited to 100 pcs. Should arrive to London GPS store by beginning of January. More photos at crazytoyz forum.

My frustration.

This week I bought a pair of FUTURE and WOMAX black pointman from two different sellers, check out price for both of them together $500 USD. Am I happy on what I got?....YES. Am I happy on the price?....NO. But, what I can do........when I have no choice.

Honestly...I'm kind of feeling tired about this game after all these years, nothing has been done. As many of you might know.....I have passion and dedication in collecting Michael's work. And I know there are many peoples out there just like me. I'm not a flippers and don't make money by selling his works. But why this have to happen.

When Michael is working hard and doing his own things. I know he will just getting better and better on his works. But at the same time......flippers are getting happy and happier. Because to them it means more profits by selling his works. I doubt they really appreciate his works. For me is just leave me no choice but to buy it from them. Will the true fans or overseas fans be able to get a taste of it?

This Saturday, Kaws will release his black dissected companion at Original Fake. Just checked Original Fake web site, realize they improve their buying system by checking ID. I'm not sure if that will work or not, but again he shows concerns to his fans. After a while, the figure will be availabe at, I will be notify the date and time by e-mail. I know if I stay home on that day....eventually I will be able to get it. Well....if I miss it..that's my false and I think I deserve it to buy from eBay with a higher price.

Again....I'm one of the biggest fans of Michael. I respect his works and his style. I just need to get this frustration out of me, express it here.

Seasons Greetings from Paul Leung.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Michael Lau - Gardener X Microman.

A sketch layout by Michael Lau, this time a crossover with Microman. Nothing better than use one of the character from Gardener name "Crylon Micro".

Brothersworker - SMART

Received the figure yesterday, and again Brothersfree didn't disapoint me. The quality of the figure is awesome with the detail tools. Little thing like the knife, they can just make that with one mold and into one piece. But, they make it like a real knife, it can push in and out. Just amazing.....look forward to the next release.

KAWS - black dissected companion.

Dec 23 available at Tokyo Original Fake store. Expect to see them in KAWSONE few weeks later. This will be the last color for this dissected companion. Insane colorway.....I will get this for sure.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!

Hope everyone have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.!! I created the forum and this blog for a little more than a year now....can't believe that many peoples come and visit. Glad that make some new friends that share the same interest like me.

My thoughts and is just my 2 cents.

The CSBOOTH13 the two days event is finally finished. At last fans can see some new works from Michael. And again for us...overseas collector is headache time on how to get them. And pay for a mark up price on the evilBay. I know how CrazySmiles want to keep everyone happy. But as an international figures artist, I think Michael should try to think of a way to let his overseas fans get the same taste not just the people in HK. At least give us some chance....!! Maharishi might be a solution, but by the time they post on the web, most of the items are already sold out by local people at the GPS store. Unless we know what they gonna have and e-mail them in advance.

I received e-mail from time to time...asking me on where they can get Michael's work. There are many fans in North America. I think Michael should consider launch his which he obtain the domain for a long time. To do some e-commerce.....take KAWS as an example. Even though his figures are rare...but at least everyone around the world...can get a chance to buy them at a right price.

Anyways, I still enjoy Michael's works and hope Crazysmiles will consider doing something for his overseas fans.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Michael Lau - CSBOOTH 13 - 3300 Season one.

Day 1....Released the Gardener series WOMAX and the Off World Creatures. The black pointman is assorted with all the WOMAX. As for Off World Creatures, same can't choose color as they are all blind assortment. Available colors are Black, White and Yellow. Green are London Maharishi exclusive.

In the display cabinet revealed the Maharishi version of the WOMAX and FUTURE pointman, those will be London Maharishi exclusive.

Beside the WOMAX and Off World Creatures. There are lucky draw today, $100 HKD per draw, each customer maximum 10 draw. The prize are attractive though.

9 big prizes.
- 999 Gold Michael.
- SFCC 30
- Nike X Michael - Skate:Shoe:Board
- LamDog Football Set
- Mr.Shoe Leborn Set
- Tom.Kid Set
- NY-FAT G-Shock
- T-90 Football
- Mr.Shoe Shadow

15 mid prizes, and 12 small prizes. Mix it up with other figures, tees and book.

Personally....for today event. I don't like the blind assortment arrangement for the figures. If the price for them is like a BEARBRICK, I don't mind. I rather he release just one color with no other variant. Most people have to overspend to get their favourite color. As for the pointman, is a secret figure, so......just see your luck.

More pictures in crazytoyz forum.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Story of the Firespecter by Winson Ma

Firespecter -- Story by Winson Ma

This story is all about a boy who has the ability to communicate with the fire sprites.

At X'mas 1980, the Saint Church had a serious fire accident. The firemen tried their best to put out the fire and found a scorched female corpse right under the statue of Hail Mary. There was a baby boy who was tightly hugged in the arms of the corpse. It was not burnt at all but glittered dazzlingly.

Years passed but Uncle Li Nick, the priest and the inventor, still remembered the fire incident in the church. The baby has grown up and was named Tough. He is special and talented. He joined the Fire Brigade and saved a lot of people and fire sprites..

It is time for Uncle Li Nick to tell Tough about the saga on his birth. Tough was so shocked that his father, J. Motor, had done a lot of evil things. J. Motor even killed Tough's mother, Jane. What can Tough do to stop his father from the evildoing? Will he be killed in the fights with his father and the Phantom of the Fire?

--Thanks for the Story Winson.--

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Winson Classic Creation - Firespecter

Winson Ma from Winson Classic Creation First Anniverary Present his new work "Winson Comic Hero" figure called "Firespecter". Again this figure design is base on Winson imaginery worlds with supernatural imagery. Expect this figure to be release in 2007 by Hot Toys.

Jan Lamb - 30'mething... wrong

Jan Lamb, you might know him as "Lam Dog". Anyways....his 2nd stand up comedy show "30'mething...wrong" will be playing in Hong Kong this week. I like his 1st so funny. This time..he will relesae some merchandise for this show. I'm not sure the figure is done by Michael or not...but it look cute. I'll just have to wait for the DVD.