Sunday, October 01, 2006

michael gallery Day 3 released.

Today...the gallery start letting people go in at about 3:30 PM...then at 5 PM announ what will be on sale. It is a white NY FAT and Tatto set that look like a prototype and is limited to 50 sets only, package is also look like a sample as well. The figure is the same as the Day 1 release.!! The only different is in order to get this set, you need to purchase 6 spray can. Later that day....people who got this set, can line up and let Michael customize it for them.

Anyway.....for these 3 days...I can't get the shoes....!!! Most people that are Michael fans that line up at the gallery....most of them wouldn't get the shoes. And, only few that can get it. The rest is just filppers.

For these 3 days I just got the Maha NY FAT and Tatto set to celeabrate the 7 years old gardener, and I got both wood NY FAT and Tatto. That's it.