Tuesday, October 03, 2006

7 years old Gardener + Gardener meets Nike

7 colors variant of NY FAT and Tatto. Each NY FAT jacket design are different by Maharishi, 2 different camo. DPM: Bonsai and MHI Sikh. You can also mix and match the jacket with other color. Nothing better than release back the retro version of the Tatto 1999. The first vinyl released by Michael back in 1999, the power of that figure changed our vinyl world a lot. 7 of them let's celeabrate 7 years old of Gardener.

Wood Tatto and NY FAT.....for those that wouldn't get the shoe. Both figures are another piece that well represent "Gardener meets Nike", this special event and the birth of first Michael's shoe design: Skate:Shoe:Board.