Saturday, September 30, 2006

michael gallery released.

The shoes is just a big disappointment for me. My friend in HK decided to help me line up at 12:00 PM on that day. When he got there all 106 queue is already hand out at 11 AM. That is 13 hours early before the official annouce sale time @ 1:06 AM. Less than 10% is ML fans...most are just Nike shoe flippers in HK pay people to line up. Now the shoe should worth about $6000-$10000 in HK to buy from filpper.

1st day at michael gallery released the 7 color NY FAT & Tatto set. Today...released the Wood NY FAT, yes..that one that come with the shoe. And, the Wood Tatto both figure come with a nice wood package and a extra Nike tee for the figure.