Thursday, February 23, 2006

More into my collection..~!!

With my KAWS money. I can be able to buy back all of the figures that I wanna buy at that time but didn't bought it. Here is the Hong Kong version 12" Sam Lee by Eric So...It involved Medicom, Bathing Ape, Revolver, Hot Toys, Estate. Each limited to 100 pcs. I also bought the Japan version from Japan and it is on the way..~!! Love the Tatto on the legs.

The other one is SFCC22, I love Maharishi camo a lot. More than Bathing Ape camo. Here the figure is wearing a Maharishi Forest Bonsai Camo jacket. The jacket is limited to 25 pcs. Notice that little Maha dog tag that I put on the figure. It is attached to my Maharishi leather dog tag.