Thursday, December 22, 2005

Opening my CS Soccer Team Deluxe Boxset.

When I open up the carton box, I realize the quality of the box is good. Is nice and hard cardboard stock. I open up the first cover there is another cover inside the box, when I flip that cover over I realize that is the soccer field base. Is good that they put all the figures inside this one big box without packing them seperately. Each base has magnet to stick together, that's nice. And there is a piece of sticker for you to put around the field base. Under each base, there is a LamBall mark on it. It is better than I thought. My only complaint to this set is the michael figure, most of their shoe, jeresy and face is got some dirt on it. 2 figures can't stand on their own.....**hair dryer job needed for them...!!