Friday, December 02, 2005

Mr.Shoe exhibition in London GPS Store.

I told myself not to buy another Mr.Shoe figures......~But, I just wouldn't resist that one of the new release in London...~!! Mr.Shoe Maharishi Sweat Variant, it clad in a white maharishi bonsai forest DPM fabric sweat and cap, the clothes on this figure feature all the same level of detail from 1:1 scale piece of maharishi clothing, including the patented snocord system, trim 6 and three eyelet branding. Well, I phone GPS Store today and placed the order of 2 pieces. Maharishi Camo pattern is the best.

Picture you see here is the TigersStripes Pattern Mr.shoe. That Fabric is just COOL. And of course this one is just for exhibition and is not for sell.